Partnership is vital for Hearts of Fire International Ministries to accomplish the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We approach partnership with a sense of reverence and excitement, knowing that when we join together in a commitment to advance the Kingdom, our God is pleased.

For this reason, if you make covenant with us by committing to sow a monthly tax-deductible gift of ($20) or more, we want to bless you in return, to be our special guest with free access to all of our conferences and events at no charge.

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us today.

All Gifts are Tax Deductible ( EIN 43-2081910 ) and Processed Securely.

Give By Texting the word: GIVE to this number: (855) 889-8975

At the Miracle Of Hope, we witnessed miracles from God in EVERY service, and powerful times of impartation in the Glory. However, we do not own, but only rented the facility for the Miracle Of Hope, as we do not own a physical church building. Just as Pastor Benny spoke of on Friday (evening), April 12, 2019 (Mark 10:30) and prophesied over Aaron & Nicole, that Hearts Of Fire will receive a building/land. We invite you to sow into this prophetic word.