Revival Mandate

At Hearts of Fire International Ministries, we have a passion to see our generation experience God, get empowered, and become activated in our calling so we can witness a New Kingdom Movement for authentic REVIVAL! We recognize that revival does not manifest just because we want it to. There are certain conditions that must be met to bring it to pass.

Too often we say we want revival, but we are not willing to pay the price to see it come to pass. Real revival cannot be manufactured by hype. Real REVIVAL is born out of the FIRE! Prayer is key because prayer creates movements that birth revival. Prayer is the place where the fire is born. This is because revival is supernatural.

Therefore, we must pray. Because when we pray, something happens on the inside of us. A transformation takes place as we experience the fire of God. Prayer is so much more than the spiritual action of invoking communication with God. Prayer is the intimate act of coming face-to-face with God, and that is what revival is all about, EXPERIENCING GOD.

In the Gospel of Luke chapter 24, two men met face-to-face with Jesus while walking on a road.  32 They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us…?” There is a fire, there is a burning that is born out of a face-to-face encounter with Jesus. When you have the FIRE on the inside of your HEART, you not only see and perceive everything differently, but you also hear differently, you move, you walk, and you live differently. Everything about your life is unique because it is now BRANDED BY THE FIRE. There is movement, a ripple effect, because as you are changed on the inside. You then become a conduit, through which the fire, that is in you spreads. When you live in the FIRE, EVERYTHING IS IMPACTED. Because those who have walked through the fire, leave sparks everywhere they go. That’s important to know, because it only takes a spark to light a fire!

At first, I did not understand the importance of prayer and how it sparks revival fire. For years, I had been on a journey seeking authentic revival. Then in 2015 I had a prophetic encounter as God spoke to me, and He said “Aaron, if you want authentic revival, then it starts with prayer. I am giving you a mandate, to ignite a city, a region, and nation with a sustained Prayer Movement that will be a forerunner for the Great World-Wide Awakening.” 

This prophetic experience shifted Hearts of Fire International Ministries to another level. The old wineskin and the old ways of doing things had proven to be ineffective, as God was giving us a new mandate, a new anointing through a new wineskin. It began on October 26, 2016, as we hosted the first annual Northwest Prayer Summit. That initial event was significant as an entire generation of prophetic people assembled for the first time, united as one-voice, to pray. What we witnessed through the prayers, was the birthing of an emerging apostolic center in Portland, Oregon.

Then in 2017, God instructed Apostle Chuck Pierce to “Bring this New Mantel which represents a new prophetic move. Apostle Chuck Peirce prophetically declared over Aaron Winter, “A NEW mantel for a NEW movement in the Northwest is coming that will initiate a NEW move of God.” Momentum for a NEW Kingdom Movement was loosed into action.

This New Mantel has been recognized by many apostolic and prophetic voices. Prophet Cindy Jacobs said, “Dr. Aaron Winter is one of the most brilliant and spiritually-sensitive people that I know. His ministry, Hearts of Fire is strategic and necessary to bring forth transformation and reformation in this critical hour.”

Apostle Ché Ahn, said, “Aaron Winter is a revivalist with a God-given calling to advance His kingdom in unique ways in His generation. His ministry, Hearts of Fire, is an emerging apostolic center that is already having a powerful impact on the Pacific Northwest and in the United States. I believe that God has raised up Aaron Winter and Hearts of Fire International Ministries to do their part in transforming our world.”

Prophet Patricia King gave her endorsement stating, “Aaron Winter and Hearts of Fire International Ministries carry an authentic prophetic voice, a fiery intercessory mandate, and a burning passion for revival.”

In 2020, we (Hearts of Fire International Ministries) expanded from the Northwest Prayer Summit to the National Prayer Summit, to spread revival fire throughout the nation! Through the years, we have brought in powerful Apostolic, Prophetic, and Evangelistic voices to minister onto this emerging platform. This includes: Apostle Ché Ahn, Apostle Chuck Pierce, Apostle Rick Joyner, Apostle Anwar Fazal, Apostle Charles Ndifon, Prophet Cindy Jacobs, Prophet James Goll, Prophet Patricia King, Prophet Rachel Hickson, Prophet David Herzog, Prophet Bobby Conner, Prophet Lou Engle, Prophet Matt Sorger, Prophet Ivan Roman, Prophet Mahesh Chavda, Evangelist Hamilton Filmalter, Evangelist Alveda King, Evangelist Chris Overstreet, and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

Ferdinand Foch said, “The most powerful weapon on the earth is the human soul on fire.”

For this reason, on May 6, 2021 Aaron Winter will launch the Hearts of Fire WebChurch, a relational interactive online church experience, where the Body ministers to the Body! The WebChurch is a fantastic way to connect, have Bible discussions, and get personal prayer. Remember, PRAYER is key. It is time for the Church to awaken from her slumber, and to PRAY for the FIRE of God to birth an authentic move of God, so we can witness this generation experience REVIVAL!

Aaron Winter serves as the President of Hearts of Fire International Ministries, Inc. Aaron founded the Northwest Prayer Summit in Portland, Oregon in 2016 and the National Prayer Summit in 2020 to birth authentic revival and to fulfill the Apostolic Prayer Mandate.


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